White Vein Borneo Kratom Powder

White Vein Borneo Kratom Powder on our dedicated page, showcasing selections from top brands. This strain, a favorite among customers for its consistency and beloved by both newcomers and experienced kratom users alike, hails from the island of Borneo. Its youthful harvest time bestows the leaves with a light vein and a special alkaloid profile, including an average mitragynine content of 1.3%. White Borneo stands out for its energizing effects, contributing to its status as one of our most reliable offerings. With kratom’s rising popularity in the West, thanks to its unique alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—this variety exemplifies the plant’s appeal. All our kratom products, including powders, leaves, and capsules, undergo rigorous testing to ensure an average mitragynine content of over 1.5%, guaranteeing a high-quality experience with every purchase.

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